How to Sleep Like a Baby: The Mind Dump

Racing mind distracting you from falling asleep? Waking up in the middle of the night remembering something important you were supposed to do?  Your mom’s birthday. Paying your taxes. Follow up from the staff meeting.  A creative project you want to start. They all take up space in our awareness. And often it is this uncaptured mess of thoughts that keep us from falling asleep and staying asleep.

I have learned that getting enough sleep is one of my most critical self care habits.  If I don’t get to bed early enough, my day is one of overwhelm and ineffectiveness in all aspects of my life- at home, at work, and in my relationships.

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Getting Things Done Without Burning Yourself Out

Rewind to ten years ago. A typical Wednesday evening would find me exhausted and fighting a migraine. I would take some ibuprofen and retreat from my family to the bedroom where I could sleep off the overwhelm and fatigue. Another “Burnout Wednesday” under my belt, I  finished out the work week. Every Sunday I would press “repeat” and start again with inspired energy.

Fast forward to last week. I’m developing two businesses, parenting teens, recovering from a recent surgery, and preparing for a major move. Life is full. And I am calm, focused, healthy and happy.

My secret?  I’ve learned how to be more productive, present and effective by taking care of myself better. And one of the ways I learned to do this was by learning a new language.

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Uplevel Your Work Life by Hacking Your Home Life

Time. Do any of us have enough?  Much of my life has been a dance of competing interests.  As a self-employed, career-oriented visionary I want to evolve my team and my vision and execute my projects with energy and focus. Choosing where to place my attention is a constant process of discernment.

When our work inspires us, time is our most valuable commodity. New ideas, established projects and evolving priorities compete for attention. In an odd paradox, we can spend a lot of time trying to save time looking into the latest time and priority management tools.

Surprisingly, my studies in yoga and Ayurveda have revealed a new time management secret:  Hacking my home life is my best tool for freeing time and focus for my work life.  “Hacking” is a way to describe looking for new ways of doing things to increase efficiency. At home, this could mean cleaning in a different way or shopping for groceries online. For me it means getting smart about my self care.

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Why I Resist What I Need: Learning to Love Routine

Routine. “A sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program.”*  Or as I would have defined it in the past:  “A lack of freedom that follows commitment.”

Is this you? Do you love change and the ability to go with the flow? Is your desire to explore and seek out novelty stronger than your ability to commit to one thing? What’s your relationship with routine? Continue reading “Why I Resist What I Need: Learning to Love Routine”