The Art of Subtle Awareness + Aging

In this conversation with Alexandra Epple of the Women Gone Vibrant podcast I share my thoughts about sustainable choices in the mid-stage of life and beyond. Our daily practices and lifestyle choices need to honour the hormonal changes that come with midlife so that our nervous system can relax and our body can find its way back to equilibrium.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  •    How subtle awareness informs our journey through midlife
  •    The impact of studying occupational therapy (gross body awareness) vs studying a body centered science like yoga (subtle body awareness)
  •    The power of language to become your own healer…. no language, no power
  •    The importance of saying “Hell No” to things that no longer serve us
  •    The difference between spending and investing
  •    3 essential tools we need to navigate our health and life in a skillful way.

Check out this episode on the Women Gone Vibrant  Podcast-  Episode #23- The Power of Subtle Awareness