Uplevel Your Work Life by Hacking Your Home Life

Time. Do any of us have enough?  Much of my life has been a dance of competing interests.  As a self-employed, career-oriented visionary I want to evolve my team and my vision and execute my projects with energy and focus. Choosing where to place my attention is a constant process of discernment.

When our work inspires us, time is our most valuable commodity. New ideas, established projects and evolving priorities compete for attention. In an odd paradox, we can spend a lot of time trying to save time looking into the latest time and priority management tools.

Surprisingly, my studies in yoga and Ayurveda have revealed a new time management secret:  Hacking my home life is my best tool for freeing time and focus for my work life.  “Hacking” is a way to describe looking for new ways of doing things to increase efficiency. At home, this could mean cleaning in a different way or shopping for groceries online. For me it means getting smart about my self care.

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