I believe in living a life of health, happiness and wholeness.

My path is one of continuous learning, and my biggest gains have come from learning how to take better care of myself.  Self care is a learned skill.  Knowing what we should do is different than knowing how to do it day in and day out.  Consistent self care practices give us the foundation we need to show up for our families, in our work, and in our explorations of the joyful and inspiring experiences that make us whole.

My offerings draw on my background as an occupational therapist, my work
with people with stress and chronic health issues, my personal experiences with overwhelm and health challenges, and my studies in yoga and ayurveda.

What I know is that my breakthroughs have always come from direct work with inspiring teachers and coaches.  I get overwhelmed by the expanding body of self care information that lines the shelves at the bookstore and fills my social media feed.  Connecting with a conscious community of like-minded individuals and learning together is what I love to do.

I am here to help you get light in your body, clear in your mind and to thrive in your life. Living a conscious and healthy lifestyle is about having access to resources, knowledge, skill and a supportive community to help you deeply nourish the whole you.

My own practices of self care continue to evolve.  I teach and coach from my own experiences of learning self care practices and my exploration of  my growing edges.  I love the simplicity of the practices I teach and at the same time know that the support of community is what makes change possible.

You can connect with me by reading my blog, checking out upcoming courses, by signing up for my newsletter, and by joining my Facebook group its community.

Curious?  Email me at marcia@marciawilson.ca for more information.