Do You Outsource Your Health Care and Self Care?

Why I Choose to Invest in Me

This past week I had an epiphany. As I walked through my local natural food store I realized that it has been a long time- at least two winters- since I have walked out laden with cough syrups and supplements.  And this made me smile. Because it means that I am finally on the right track to taking care of my health.

Rewind 10 years.  Every spring I was sick and off work for a week. Every time I was exposed to cat dander my asthma flared and I was treated with prednisone. Wednesdays were officially “burnout” day. I was constantly vigilant- to the point where I had lists on my iphone to remind me what vitamins to take when I was healthy and what protocol to implement when I was sick. I spent money on supplements, naturopaths, travel to medical clinics, air filtration systems, medications, and acupuncture. And I lost a lot of precious work and family time.

So here is the thing: all of this time and money helped me weather the virus of the season. But it was only when I shifted my focus to making deep change in my self care practices that I finally had a breakthrough. And I haven’t looked back since.

Our Greatest Health-Care Mistake: Outsourcing Our Self-Care

When I look back at those days I am really struck with the memory of how much time and money I was spending to help myself be well and feel good.

So take a moment and think about it. Where are your health dollars going these days?  Your time? Many of us fall prey to outsourcing for good reason- health marketing is effective, and when we are worn out and busy “quick” solutions for fatigue, pain and sleeplessness are highly appealing.

On top of that, our dollars leak out of our pockets in other sneaky ways too

Since outsourcing our self care is not sustainable and we ultimately do not end up meeting our health goals, we are attracted to quick fixes for our problems:

  • Too tired to make dinner?  Let’s eat out.
  • Exhausted in the afternoon? A sugary latte will get me through the rest of the day.
  • Stressed out?  Why not a glass of wine.
  • Weight gain?  How about some supplements to lower your appetite.
  • Sore back, feet and knees? Try some anti-inflammatories.
  • Feeling low or anxious?  How about some retail therapy.

Each of these choices is a layering of habits that creates greater disconnect between what we think will help us feel good and what actually can shift us toward lasting change- small, well-thought out habit changes that are sustainable, effective and yours to learn and implement.

How I Invest in Me

When I look at how I spend my health dollars today it is pretty simple.  Healthy, unprocessed food. Yoga classes. Shoes for walking and running. Swim passes. Oil for self massage. You get the picture.   

But wait- I forgot one important piece to of the puzzle:  The most valuable way I invest my health dollars these days is in programs and courses where I learn how to care for myself more effectively through the lens of Ayurveda, habit change science and identity evolution. My shift to away from sick care and towards learning healthy habits has allowed me to take full ownership for my self care and health care.  Instead of investing in the health industry, I am investing in a knowledge base that I am using to care for me, my family, and my clients.

Creating a Shift In Your Money Habits + Time Use

When I look at my choices in how I spend my money and time, I can see some clear patterns.

-I invest in programs where I learn, shift  and evolve who I am

-I invest in travel and opportunities to experience the world through a new viewpoint

-I believe that money and time spent in ways that fill my heart- music, inspiring reading, art and beauty- multiplies in value as it nourishes my soul

What this really says is that I am spending money in ways that align with my values of health, family, relationships, freedom, adventure, joy, love and inspiration.  When I was sick none of this was available to me. I did not have the time or the money to learn because- ironically- all my resources were being consumed by managing my sick days!

So how to we step into change?

Is it Your Time?

Knowing when you are ready to shift away from an outsourced based approach to health care is key.

Take some time to sit, journal, and create a sense of what you want life to look like and how you want to feel.  Then take a read here and learn about my experiments in lifestyle redesign.  

If you think it’s your time to invest in you, and you are ready to step in, get in touch. I offer free 30 minute Health Strategy sessions where we can talk about what you are wanting to create for yourself, and how you can begin your own experiments in investing in you.

Because outsourcing just doesn’t work in the long run.