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My relationship with essential oils dates back many year.

In the early 2000’s I was racing triathlons and mixed potions to massage into my legs.  In the late 2000’s my asthma was severe and I was reacting to medications and slated to take a designer drug to control the decline-   lavender become my go-to.  My husband and children used oils when we were sick for steam inhalation. And from 2009-2011 as I flew all over the US for my yoga training (over 50 flights in one year alone) immune boosting oils were my friend as I massaged them into the soles of my feet before each flight.

More recently my oils have been about creating a favorite personal scent, to deepen meditation, helping my daughter relax, “rewarding” myself after cleaning (lemon in a spray bottle with water) and most importantly as a way to manage some anxiety I experience in closed spaces and when flying.

As I look back I have a long history with oils- even I had forgotten how extensively I have used them.

So imagine my surprise when I was introduced to doTERRA by colleagues in my self care coaching association. I teach and practice Ayurvedic-based self care habits that remind us that optimal health comes from lining up with the rhythms and gifts of nature and our ecosystem. doTERRA essential oils are a perfect support for these practices. And I began to use the oils daily as part of my routine for self care. 

A simpler routine, less toxins in my environment, more choices for how I manage my moods and health issues, and greater support for sleep and eating routines. No more running to the health store when I feel a cold coming on.

This is my world- and I invite you to explore it with me.

Getting Started

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doTERRA Offerings

doTERRA offers traditional oils like lavender and peppermint, blends like my new favourites like Peace, Easy Air, Cheer and Serenity. And other single oils with significant benefits like Siberian Fir, Frankincense and Clary Sage.

to learn more go to the doTERRA Canada web site by clicking here

Their newest offering? The Yoga Collection- created by well known yoga teacher Elena Brower. Learn more about this collection- my daily practice support- on this video.

oil photos courtesy of Sarah Wilcox Photography + Elena Brower