Thriving As You- Self Care Group Coaching Program

Thriving As You:
Simple Self Care to Meet Your Needs Now

A Self Care Habit Evolution Program that will  help you
evolve your energy, ground yourself, step towards health and move into ease- in a way that resonates with who you are and who you want to become.

So what is intriguing you about a self care program?

For me- worsening asthma, spinal and joint pain, and anxiety have been my pain points- the drivers that made me sit up, take stock, and decide that I wanted to take control of my health.

Maybe you are carrying extra weight, are less flexible than you once were, or have pain in your joints. You don’t sleep well, and your energy is low. You may feel depressed or anxious about where life is headed. You want to stop mindlessly eating unhealthy food, but it feels overwhelming and difficult to change your diet. You feel like you’re disconnected from your biggest dreams and your deepest desires. You may have lost the confidence you need to get yourself back on track.

Come together with a group of thrive-seeking members who are achieving  vibrant health and radiant longevity in a supportive, safe, and fun way.

Exploring everything from sleep to eating habits, movement practice to meditation, you will practice and refine daily habits and create a daily routine that provides grounding and a sense of ease.

Thriving as You is a series of 12-week cycles merging lifestyle and easeful living with habit evolution.

This program is about upgrading your health and your habits in real-time.

What, when and how we apply specific practices in our lives is key to shifting who we are and how we feel. When we align with the cycles and seasons of nature, we thrive. When we are out of alignment, we suffer.

 There are Three Key Components to Thriving As You

These components are key for long term success and healthy behaviour changes.

  •  A Solid Foundation: The teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda offer an accessible, and low-cost approach to healthy living. You don’t need to be a yogi to benefit from these simple daily habits and routines that have been practiced and refined for more than 5,000 years. We learn to live in sync with nature and to listen to what our bodies really want.
  •  The Science of Habit Change: The field of behavioral science offers up proven methods for taking control of decision-making, establishing healthy habits, and navigating changing relationships. You’ll see quick and lasting results by using the latest, research-backed strategies for habit change.
  •  Group Support and Accountability: A dynamic group of peers working toward similar goals will accelerate learning and growth. Each member brings their commitment and attention to the group, which “pays forward” exponential value to each member.

Thriving As You will introduce you to the daily habits of Ayurveda and to the modern habit science techniques that are critical to ensure your self care is integrated into your day in a way that stays.

Show up just as you are and put in motion a way of living that sets you up to get the results you desire. To be waitlisted for our next intake email

How It Works

Thriving as You is based on the successful system of learning together in a dynamic group. Combining learning together in a group with the one to one coaching support that I offer gives you your best chance to successfully make the changes you want.

Membership in a dynamic community- where everyone gives and receives support, and wisdom- creates a community that builds momentum for everyone’s personal growth.

Each week lessons are shared by email.  We then meet for coaching calls online and in person to workshop, learn, plan, reflect, and share obstacles, setbacks and successes from the week relative to the habit of the week, our mindset and life itself. We gain momentum on these calls.

You receive one on one and group coaching. Each week a different habit is presented using habit science and accountability techniques to guide your progress. There are 10 habits. Each of them are grounded in yoga and ayurveda. All online calls are recorded for future listening and the creation of your own resource library. By incorporating daily, lifestyle practices, self-inquiry and awareness techniques we change the trajectory of our health and align our lives to greater ease vs disease.

What My Clients Say

  • “Every week I enjoyed being a part of this course. This was possible only because Marcia helped us integrate us deeply into the material each week.”
  • “I have been having a difficult time holding myself accountable in a lot of areas in my life. With the help of this course I have found myself better able to adapt to change and to adding things to my life to make myself healthier.”
  • “Working closely with Marcia has been such a gift. She’s someone I can be open to to be honest with , I never feel judged and she’s so knowledgable. I would call her WISE.”
  • “Marcia holds each of her students in her heart. It was lovely to know that she was always there to offer support and also guide me to look a little further. She asked questions that pushed me to think well beyond what we were discussing and had a gently way of challenging me when I was stuck in a certain story.”
  • I wanted some structure to my week where I could check in with a supportive community on a weekly basis, get encouragement to move or rest, to eat well, and basically to live consciously, as I explore and contemplate what to do next in life. It has been nice to expand my network with people of similar values.”
  • “Marcia is extremely ‘on it’ with the structure of texts, emails, Facebook messages, videos, posts etc. You can count on her following through, and this allows a person to feel confidently supported. She’s enthusiastic, really believes in what she is teaching, and has great personal testimonies, which inspire everyone. If there’s ever a problem, she gets back to you.”
  • “Keep doing that voodoo that you do so well.”

Included in each 12 week segment:

  • 1 group coaching class per week- using both in person and online with zoom technology
  • 1 pre-recorded teaching lesson per week- specific to the habit we are exploring
  • 3 private 30 minute laser coaching sessions 
  • E-books on the daily habits, habit science and recipes for natural healing
  • Private Facebook support forum
  • Additional print, audio and video resources to support your journey
  • Monthly Living Lab workshops

    Bonus offerings:
  • Throughout the year you will receive access to special bonus offerings- as me for details.

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